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Accidental face treatment lesson

I had not been feeling well for couple of weeks, so a few days ago I decided to go to the doctor. Feedback was not great so I was feeling a bit down. After my consultation, I went straight to the pharmacy for my prescription. Little did I know that I would encounter my accidental face treatment lesson.

The queue was short so I did not have to wait long. On my way out I decided to browse through the isles looking for nothing in particular. I ended up in the women’s skin care section. To be honest I have never really paid much attention to skin care products. Although I know of several famous brands through friends or ads and other social media platforms, I do not really use them myself.

I was utterly amazed by the number of various products available for skin care. All under assorted brands, packaging and colours. Showing off all colours of the rainbow and more. Mind you as many as they seemed, they were not even a fraction of all products produced around the world. I started going through the brand names and what each of them offered. From moisturisers, toners, cleansers, scrubbing stuff, face masks the list is long. Each of them promising to give the best skin care treatment.

Reading some of the labels, I came across various ingredients from exotic extracts, purified water, alpha-hydroxy-acids, antioxidants, green tea and other many strange looking words that I could not pronounce.

The charcoal packaging for one of the brands really caught my eye, it was so beautiful. I never knew that charcoal could look this good. Before I started reading what the benefits of the product were, I was already imagining how it would look in my bathroom cabinet. When I looked at the price that vision quickly vanished. I did however go on to read the benefits and thought they did a great marketing job. I was almost an accidental client. It got me thinking of how much work goes into creating the right packaging. If something promises to make you look or feel good, I guess it must look good too, right? Presentation plays a vital role when marketing beauty products.

In the past, I made some shopping mistakes by buying things that looked good but were of no real use to me. Luckily with my limited budget I was not going to take charcoal home with me. I am not sure how long it took me to get to the end of the aisle, something that I had never done before. I am not a fan of spending time in shops, especially “window shopping” with no intention to buy.

There was something about this day, the walk in the isle was very therapeutic. I never knew I needed some therapy until then. It felt like I had escaped to another place, it was a good feeling. It was nothing I had experienced before, but was a pleasant experience, nonetheless. I have walked through these isles many times without a care in the world. But today, something made me pay attention.

Suddenly I heard a voice behind me asking if I needed help. I did not need help since I was just browsing, but for some reason I said yes. This is how the conversation went:

Lady: Are you looking for something specific ma’am?

Me: Yes, a face scrub

(I mentioned the first product that came to mind)

Lady: Is your skin dry or oily as there are various products for each skin type?

Me: Not sure, but my skin feels dry today

(My skin felt dehydrated but I did not want to get into the reasons why. I was starting to enjoy this interaction)

Lady: Do you have sensitive skin?

Me: Yes, I do

 (I once used a product that made my skin itch. Not sure if this means sensitive skin, but it felt like the right response at the time)

Lady: I recommend that you start with a cleanser and moisturiser for now to get into a routine.

(Not sure if she could sense that I was truly a newbie from the excitement or from the answers)

She recommended a couple of brands, explaining the benefits and price range. I picked the cleanser and moisturiser. Although the brand was new to me, I chose the two products because the ingredients were familiar and the packaging was beautiful (although not close to the charcoal one). For some reason, the blue colour of the products was comforting. Which is what I needed on this day. The price was within my budget too.

Me: What do you recommend for dry lips?

Lady: Try the rose lip treatment balm. Not only does it smell nice, but it will also keep your lips moisturised.

My lips were chapping due to dehydration and general stress levels caused by illness. I had not been eating and sleeping well and lack of rest was taking a toll on my general wellbeing.

I thanked the lady for her time and went to the till with my three products: cleanser, moisturiser, and lip balm all within my budget. The universe made a plan for me, had it been I had been helped by one of those overzealous salespeople I would have walked away with products that looked good but would be of no use to me and broke.

Today I used my products for the first time. First, I take my hat off to everyone that can maintain their beauty routine for lengthy periods. How do you manage to do this day and night?

Secondly, I must salute the skin care treatment makers. I had no idea that a skin care product could have such a positive effect on my mood. I felt uplifted, my skin feels smooth and the product smells awesome.

With the doctor’s advice I must change to a strict diet regime to get healthier. Cut out some of the foods that I love and go for regular checkup. Everything felt overwhelming, I did not know how I was going to get through the week.

With this article, I wanted to let you know that sometimes we all need something to help us get through rough patches, even if it is just an accidental face treatment lesson.

I hope you find something that comforts you when going through tough times, even if it is by accident.

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