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Marriage Unspoken – The Recipe


Love – In Abundance

A Lifetime of Compassion

5 million ounces of Forgiveness

50 cups of Overlooking Minor Things

20 Hot Air Balloons of an Open Mind

1 million Eras of NOT Taking Things Personally

Ions of Kindness.

Smiles Beyond Smiles

Patience – as much as you can give

Sprinkle of kisses, and a dash of hugs

One blind eye


Start with a small bowl of love, then each day love with every fibre of your being making sure to use a bigger bowl as you go along. If you do this correctly, your bowl will turn into the size of the earth. The more you love, the more you will be loved. Add the compassion in small doses over a 30-year period for best results. Overlooking minor things will always allow a fluffy, tasty rise in your marriage followed by always keeping the open mind.

Laughter at this point will be very useful as well as never taking anything personally. Let the joke be on you occasionally, it’s okay to not win at everything every single time. This is where the strength of patience comes in.

We all age and we all droop, hell some day we will all be raisins and prunes. Always spend everyday with kind words and smiles because at some point physical appearances will mean next to nothing. Kind words helps things grow uncontrollably and healthily & again you gain the most rewards because what you reap is what you will sow.

P.S. The blind eye is for the in laws.

“A great marriage always consists of two very good forgivers and is the best journey you would ever take, do it like it is the only thing you will ever do”.

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Guest author:  Faeeza

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