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Need a little help from a friend

We all need a little help from friends to get over hurdles in life. Whether it is life changing or just minor adjustments, a little help will go a long way.

Making space for new things

I have been shopping around for a new set of pots right, but the idea of getting rid of my old ones is not sitting well with me. So, some of the pots are from the time when my children were young. Both love to cook and have spent a lot of their time using these pots, trying out new dishes. I feel that if I get rid of them, I will be getting rid of memories.

My daughter has left home my son has moved on to other cooking gadgets like the air fryer. I am the only one still holding on to them even though they are currently not in use. I have been trying to figure out what it is I am afraid of. Is it getting rid of the pots or realizing that I have to close this chapter, my babies are grown. What should I do, I really need your help here.

Looking good for me

My friend recently bought a new night dress. Due to the change of season, she decided to pack away her onesie pyjamas. Before she bought it, she showed us the pictures and we really thought she would look great. She is happy about the quality, the design even the colour. Here comes her frustration, she cannot get her husband to understand that the night dress is for her not him. He really goes on and on as if they share this clothing item. The compliments are sometimes over the top. Instead of enjoying the night dress, she is starting to get a little frustrated. All she wanted to do was to look good for herself. Please help my friend get her husband to tone it down a little so she can enjoy her new night dress in peace.

Artificial versus live plants

Lately I have been thinking of getting a few indoor plants to uplift my mood. In addition, make my home feel and look good too. I am not good at taking care of plants but willing to learn. While browsing the internet I came across pictures of artificial plants that look real. I could not tell the differences from the live plants (maybe I just don’t have an eye for these things).

Should I get artificial plants and not worry about taking care of them. Or live plants that will require attention or maybe both. For a beginner I need to start small so that I do not get overwhelmed. I was thinking that while I am on my learning journey, I should get one or two live plants and see how that goes. What do you think I should do? I would appreciate all your recommendations. Once I settle on which direction to take, I will do a follow up article to update you about my journey.

Celebrating my birthday

Growing up birthdays were a big thing, a true family affair indeed. Cakes, presents and of course how can I not mention the birthday song. Although I still look forward to my birthday, I do not prepare for it. I am finding that I prefer quiet birthdays. I am grateful for each year that goes by, but I think in my adulthood I want to celebrate my birthday differently. Sometimes I think birthdays when I was young were a crowded event and now, I need my space. Maybe I have run out of fun things to do on my birthday. I still want to celebrate, even if it is low key. Is this normal in adulthood? Please send me your suggestions or let me know how you celebrate your birthdays.

Book collection

A few years ago, I decided to get myself a beautiful bookshelf so I could make space for my growing book collection. I used to buy books, read them before placing them on the shelf. Recently this has not been the case. I have a busy schedule after taking on new projects and cannot always be available to read them. After buying books, I put them straight on the shelf not knowing when I will get time to read. I do not think I will ever stop buying books, not only do I love reading, but I also love the smell of book pages.

For familiar authors, I buy books knowing what to expect. For new authors, I read the summary but make sure the size and the cover go with my room aesthetics. Some books really look great as part of home décor. I need your help on two matters. First, is it okay to buy books that you have no intention to read but as part of décor. Second, even if I currently do not have enough time to read, is it okay to continue buying more books?

To do list

Call me old fashioned but I still prefer book and pen to write down my to do list. My business partner has been advising me to integrate my lists with the functionalities that applications such as MS teams have. Do not get me wrong, there are many benefits to this but I prefer doing it this way. I do not have a neat handwriting, but there is something about seeing things written down. So okay I admit, it is time consuming with multiple lists and if I leave my book at home while travelling then I may not remember my scheduled tasks. I do not want to get rid of my book and pen completely but electronic to do lists will come in very handy. Can you please help me better organize my to do list?

Breakfast boost

I struggle to eat breakfast. I always joke that my digestive system opens after mid-day, it does feel that way. Although I have tried different foods to see what would get me to eat breakfast, nothing is working. I have yet to find something to which I can commit. I do not think it is the food though, I just cannot get food down during this time of the day. Starting my day with a cup of tea I can go on all morning. I know that breakfast is important and want to incorporate it into my lifestyle. Others have suggested morning exercise to get me hungry, unfortunately this is not something that I can commit to right now. Just to let you in a little, I must avoid acidic and fried foods. Please help me put together breakfast that I can eat and enjoy in the morning.

Work friends and my home

This other day my colleague and I were talking about whether it is appropriate to invite your work friends to your home or not. I have always kept the two separate; I prefer those boundaries. My home is my sanctuary and I am very protective of my personal space. What happens if you are no longer friends, can you trust them to keep what is sacred to you. Is there a thing called “over exposed” for people who share everything with the work colleagues/ friends?

There is no right or wrong way to do it, just make sure you feel safe to do so. Some people work with their best friends so those boundaries do not apply. My advice is that we all respect each other’s personal spaces. Some people prefer not to talk about their family at work. Just because you have been to their home, please do not make it your business to do so. Let me know what works for you.

I will be doing follow up articles on some of the topics, I cannot wait to read and share your experiences.

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