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The Grapefruit vs the Boiled Egg

It’s another day, a day where calories matter. A day where squats and steps are counted.

Middle age is so yuck in certain ways…the way the metabolism slows down and then gaining weight is inevitable unless you put in tons of work.

Let’s talk about calorie counting for just a second. Did you know that one pie is equivalent to 8 slices of white bread…Did you know there is approximately 200 calories in a slice. The pie! The dreaded pie… the sweetest snack is now only something you eat when you haven’t eaten all week and almost digested your insides. All this because a pie…a simple pie is like a million calories.

The amount of boiled eggs I have consumed in this lifetime is the reason why the chicken population will surely reach its demise. The number of grapefruits…orchards. People say it’s a lifestyle! Oh, just change your lifestyle and you will be skinny and sexy all year. Yeh, let’s do that. It’s just a simple switch right. Switch it off and guess what…no more chocolate cake cravings, no more pecan pie and sugar is needed. It’s so easy to say it. But actually, it’s quite the opposite. Notice how when you decide to go on an actual “diet” that’s when you need the deep fried smothered in chocolate kind food?  Where you eat bags of crisps and binge on pizza?

Let’s face it, we all face the same struggles, we just don’t talk about it. So, here is me telling you that weight is everyone’s problem. Looking a certain way is really on everyone’s mind. It’s just hush hush.

Today, eat the cake and enjoy the icing. Tomorrow isn’t promised and when you die chances are you take your stomach with you 😊. Sexiness isn’t about the calories and the toned muscles. Sexy it whatever you choose for it to be. And everyone has sexiness in some way or the other. You are a stunner and you know it! Calories or not.

So, here’s to cheating our way through diets and well letting the grapefruit/boiled egg debacle sleep with the dogs.

P.S The Grapefruit and the boiled egg were definitely soul sisters in a previous life!

Happy cake day!

Guest Author: Faeeza

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